Did Miley Cyrus Pay Tribute to Hannah Montana at the Met Gala?

Did Miley Cyrus Pay Tribute to Hannah Montana at the Met Gala?

You probably saw Miley Cyrus' toned-down Met Gala look and went "Oh... okay." Her sculptural, green and black striped Saint Laurent mini-dress and chunky 6-inch platforms didn't take many eyes off spectacles like Zendaya or Billy Porter, or crack the top five looks for any of the 26 Camp experts we asked.

It was surprising to see Miley decided to relax on Camp's big night, given her famous sense of humor when it comes to fashion (and comfort with looking silly, unlike some famouses who shall not be named). Her look was downright tame compared to get-ups from her past.

However, Twitter seems to have found the key to unlocking her look: a photo of Hannah Montana performing in a sequined black and green striped Limited Too-worthy tank dress.

It all makes sense: the bangs, the silver jewelry, the chunky heels, the stick-straight hair. Miley's look wasn't misfire but rather, an extremely subtle homage to her alter-ego, and an easter egg for serious Disney Channel nerds.

The homage would be fitting given Miley's recent outbusts of fondness for Hannah. She recently dusted her alter-ego off, posting pictures and videos of her out on the town in full Hannah regalia (and occasionally in character).

Unfortunately, even though it seems too uncanny to be an accident, Miley has yet to confirm. And according to one Twitter user, the colors of the dress in the Hannah photo circulating were photoshopped, leaving a shaky case for the look as an homage.

But you know what, whatever: the Jonas Brothers are back, Ashley Tisdale just dropped an album. Pretend you didn't see that and enjoy your nostalgia.

We've gained a new appreciation for Miley's look, but unless someone's able to pull out a real Disney deep cut of Oliver or Jackson in a classy black tux, there's no excuse for Liam Hemsworth, like many dudes, completely ignoring the call for Camp.

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