Michelle Williams Was Paid One Percent of Mark Wahlberg's Salary

Michelle Williams Was Paid One Percent of Mark Wahlberg's Salary

Get ready to hear of the pay gap to end them all. After claims of Kevin Spacey's repeated sexual abuse of young men emerged, director Ridley Scott opted to re-shoot the former All the Money in the World star's scenes with Christopher Plummer, rather than can the film altogether. Despite Scott's original claims that all the actors did the re-shoots for free, it turns out they didn't. Like really, really didn't.

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In fact, Wahlberg would only get out of bed to fly back to Europe during Thanksgiving week for $1.5 million, sources told USA Today. Co-star Michelle Williams, however, was offered $80 per diem — which came to the grand total of $1,000. For those of you quick with numbers, that comes to less than one percent of Wahlberg's takings. Not 80 percent, not 50 percent, not even a full one percent, but 0.6 percent of her male counterpart's salary.

Williams also told USA Today she was so grateful for the fact Scott was willing to denounce a known sexual predator and save the film, she was happy to do whatever she was asked.

"I'd be wherever they needed me, whenever they needed me," she initially told USA Today. "And they could have my salary, they could have my holiday, whatever they wanted. Because I appreciated so much that they were making this massive effort."

And we're not the only ones shaking with anger. Jessica Chastain and Amber Tamblyn have both come out in full force.

But wait there's so much more. To make things even more inconceivable, Williams and Wahlberg are reportedly signed to William Morris Endeavor Agency, who would have no doubt negotiated both stars' salaries.

Let's just leave it at Casey Ciprani, who summarizes our collective rage perfectly:

Seems like time might not quite yet be up.

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