Michael Medrano Premieres Disco Bop, 'Hands On U'

Michael Medrano Premieres Disco Bop, 'Hands On U'

by Marissa Matozzo

With a Shure 57 mic and laptop, there's nothing Michael Medrano can't do. Sex positive, queer anthems tinged with vintage disco flair is Medrano's expertise, and his new lovestruck bop, "Hands On U," is further evidence.

Medrano's opening falsetto verse — surrounded by deep bass and fluttering synths — captures a scene most of us surviving nowadays can relate to: "Been stuck inside this lonely place for weeks and weeks on end."

In a matter of seconds, "Hands On U" proves to be an insanely catchy banger, complete with sensual lyrics about him waiting for a hookup. "Anticipating messy things will do us something good," Medrano sings, leading up to an irresistible chorus. "I can't wait to get my hands on you/ that's all I want to do," he repeats.

Although "Hands On U" is well-equipped for any dance floor, Medrano explains how it also carries a much deeper meaning for him, especially in light of a year filled with collective turmoil and uncertainty.

"This single, while light-hearted, really does reflect what a lot of us are experiencing as a result of the pandemic," Medrano says. "We miss human connection in every sense. I wanted to create something really fun to get everyone's minds off of the looming dread that is outside."

"Hands On U" joins a collection of Medrano's queer jams, including, "Fluids," "Do Your Thing!" and "Bump This," featuring Jake Germain and Michete.

Ultimately, Medrano's goal is for listeners to find some sense of optimism during this time. "More than anything, we need moments of happiness in the midst of chaos," he says. "I hope this song can do that."

Stream "Hands On U," below, and follow Michael Medrano on Instagram and Twitter.

Photos courtesy of Michael Medrano