Jake Germain's 'Compares to U' Is for All You Loners

Jake Germain's 'Compares to U' Is for All You Loners

You know when you just can't get over someone? That ex that refuses to remain squarely in the past, despite all your attempts at moving on? Well, artist Jake Germain sure does as evidenced by his latest single "Compares to U," which is, undoubtedly, an anthem for all the longing loners out there.

The lead single from Germain's forthcoming debut album JAKE, "Compares to U" takes hefty inspiration from both early-aughts R&B and contemporary hyperpop aesthetics — all while infusing it with a hint of boy-band sentimentality that's perfect music to pine to.

Written and recorded by Germain and producer Shubu in the span of one night, the song emerged from the ever-present question of how "you'll never love someone new the same way you loved that one person in the past." But as it turns out, sometimes all you need is a little yearning to create what Germain himself dubs one of his most open and exposed tracks yet.

"It was just one of those moments listening back to the track for the first time like, 'We made a fucking banger.' We couldn't stop listening to it that next morning," Germain says. "This single means a lot to me because I feel like this is one of the most vulnerable and soft songs I've ever written. It's all coming from a very real place."

"Compares to U" is out now via Palettes. Listen to it, below.

Photo courtesy of Jake Germain