Megan Thee Bitcoin Investor

Megan Thee Bitcoin Investor

Megan Thee Stallion is teaching her Hot Girls how to get some extra money by showing them how to invest in Bitcoin.

When Bitcoin started trading in 2010, it was around $0.0008 per coin. Today? It's a whopping $38,000, with its price increasing daily. Investing is practically a no-brainer, but information can be confusing to follow. To help with that, Megan's new partnership with Cash App, featuring videos about Bitcoin and investments, makes it clear what people need to know.

Megan appears in two different explainers to give details on what Bitcoin is at its most basic level. "It's the new digital currency that's been getting a lot of hype," she says in one video. "Bitcoin is a new kind of money. While the cash in your wallet is issued and regulated by governments, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Like a wild stallion, it can't be controlled by anyone."

The rapper's explanation simplifies concepts that are difficult for most to understand, such as when talking about Bitcoin's limited availability: "There's only a limited amount of Bitcoin, like gold, silver or me," she says with the same attitude that makes her music videos so sensational.

Investing is a bit easier to understand, but Megan breaks it down to its simplest blocks after the intro of her video features her saying that iconic phrase, "Real Hot Girl Shit." She explains everything from dollar cost averaging to fractional shares — things that sound confusing, but Megan makes you want to figure out your portfolio.

It's wild to think that Megan Thee Stallion could become the face of modern investing, being perhaps one of the only rappers to do so, but it's fitting in an age when everyone has access to the tools to make their portfolios become formidable financial assets.

Photo courtesy of Cash App


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