Megan Fox's Ayahuasca Trip Felt Like 'Hell for Eternity'

Megan Fox's Ayahuasca Trip Felt Like 'Hell for Eternity'

by Camille Bavera

The latest tea on Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s relationship isn’t tea so much as checking a hallucinogenic, cleansing romantic getaway in Costa Rica off their bucket list. Ayahuasca, although illegal in America for potential health hazards, was the couple’s spiritual drink of choice on their detox vacation in which Kelly said the rules were very strict for the 20 or so people there with little water and no substance past 1 PM with a daily dose of the hallucinogenic medicine to exorcize their personal demons.

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, Kelly said that while most people drank only one serving of the drug, their Shaman had him drink about four times the average dosage. “I’ve been (thumbs up) ever since” he joked, even though Fox wasn’t having it. “I thought it was like glamping... but nothing glamorous about it. No eating after 1 PM and you had to walk a very far distance to get your water,” she said last year — also on Kimmel.

“Her first night was all rainbows and unicorns but then the second night was (intense) and she was like ‘I can’t go back’ and I don’t ever want to see (her like) that again,” said MGK, “it made her feel like she was in ‘Hell for eternity.’” Fox also said that now they have "bonded even more" after a Hunger Games-esque experience called Vomitivo with 20 or so strangers, which is pretty much what it sounds like — drinking lemongrass tea until you all throw up, “cheering each other on” all the while. Both Kelly and Fox said they could feel the medicine working through their system unlike any other substance, and it stayed with them on their physical journey back to the States. “Even after you left, it stayed there. So it was interesting," Kelly said.

But now the couple have officially been ‘exorcized’ and protected by a magical arcana shield, ready for their impending nuptials, which according to Kelly, will also have Pete Davidson up front with the couple. “We should just mic him for commentary anyway” said Kelly, whose new album Mainstream Dropout features Davidson in one of the tracks, their Bromance as strong as ever.

Photo via Getty/ Axelle/ Bauer-Griffin/ FilmMagic