Megan Fox Reacts to Being Called Machine Gun Kelly's Wife

Megan Fox Reacts to Being Called Machine Gun Kelly's Wife

Megan Fox had an adorable reaction to being called Machine Gun Kelly's wife.

Back in January, the couple got engaged after a year of dating when the musician presented her with a BDSM-esque ring. But while it's safe to say they're itching to get to the altar, the big moment hasn't happened quite yet — but it turns out someone forget to tell the announcer at a recent basketball game.

This past weekend, the pair attended the 2022 NBA All-Star Game in MGK's hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, where they were introduced by the announcer, who told fans to "please welcome Machine Gun Kelly and his wife, actress Megan Fox." And if her reaction on the jumbotron was any indication, Fox seemed pretty amused by the minor gaffe, seeing as how she started to laugh and appear to tell her fiancé that, "I’m not your wife yet.”

According to a source speaking to ET, Fox actually said something along the lines of "did they just call me your wife," which they called a "very innocent and cute" moment. However, MGK apparently "didn't react to it all all," though the couple were still "very cozy with each other the whole time."

Watch the moment for yourself below.

Photo via Getty / Kevin Mazur