My Chemical Romance Fans Are Beefing With Ticketmaster

My Chemical Romance Fans Are Beefing With Ticketmaster

When My Chemical Romance announced that the band would be reuniting on tour in 2020, former Gerard Way stans everywhere relapsed and bought into the perfect storm of a RAWRing 20s revival. Naturally, securing tickets for the emo pop band that changed the course of music in the early 2000s was going to be difficult, but no fans were prepared for the hefty price they were about to pay to see Gerard Way and co in action.

Tickets for the impending MCR tour were set to go on sale at noon today via Ticketmaster, but many eager buyers who monitored the site for hours prior to their release were disappointed with the outcome. After queuing for the best seats in the respective arenas, the majority of fans were left with empty pockets by the end of their purchasing process. While many of the arenas sold out, even the most hardcore of stans were left with only one option: multi-hundred dollar resale tickets.

Collective outrage from the MCR fandom has ensued on Twitter, with many calling out how warped the process of buying concert tickets has become. Bots and various other methods have been used to subvert the purchasing process and effectively provide resellers with way more than a month's rent from one ticket resale alone.

Some fans even reported that resale prices through Ticketmaster were upwards of the four-digit mark, and many of the ticket transfers are "temporarily unavailable" on the site. Whether or not people will pay the hefty price to see the epic reunion in-person is yet to be determined, but one thing's for sure: Ticketmaster and MCR stans are beefing.

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