Max Ehrich Has Found Love After Demi

Max Ehrich Has Found Love After Demi

Sorry to all the other young women musicians who wanted to help boost this weird guy's career: actor Max Ehrich appears to have found love again after his much-publicized break up with Demi Lovato. Her name is Mariah Angeliq, she is a rising Miami singer, and they are already posing for pics together on the beach while paparazzi look on.

Ehrich infamously proposed to Lovato in the early days of the pandemic, following a whirlwind romance that never quite made sense. Lovato eventually broke up with Ehrich after her loyal stans (respect to the Lovatics) uncovered a bunch of suspicious old tweets that showed Ehrich openly thirsting for a number of other pop stars, including her sometime rival Selena Gomez.

Lovato and Ehrich had gotten engaged on a Miami beach, and after the break up Ehrich returned to the same location to stage a tearful viral photo shoot. It ultimately earned him more derision than sympathy, but that hasn't stopped him and Angeliq from calling the paps. They can also be seen posing together on Instagram.

One can only assume Angeliq has googled Ehrich and knows what she's getting into. As for Demi, she seems to be in a good place, developing a newfound interest in aliens and publicly joking about her rushed engagement and break up while hosting the E! People's Choice Awards on Sunday.

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