Demi Lovato Says She's Been Contacted By Aliens

Demi Lovato Says She's Been Contacted By Aliens

On the heels of a breakup, there's nothing quite like getting away from it all — which is exactly what Demi Lovato did. That said, what's a little more unusual about her particular trip is that she's also apparently been seeing UFOs and making contact with aliens. At least, according to her new post.

Over the weekend, Lovato took to Instagram to share several photos of mysterious objects she spotted in Joshua Tree with a few friends and Dr. Steven Greer, whose own IG bio calls him "one of the world's foremost authorities on the subject of UFOs, ET intelligence, and initiating peaceful contact with ET civilizations."

"Over the past couple months I have dug deep into the science of consciousness and experienced not only peace and serenity like I've never known but I also have witnessed the most incredibly profound sightings both in the sky as well as feet away from me," the star wrote in the caption of her post, which she said contained "just some of the evidence" that "can no longer be ignored and must be shared immediately."

"This planet is on a very negative path towards destruction but WE can change that together," Lovato continued. "If we were to get 1% of the population to meditate and make contact, we would force our governments to acknowledge the truth about extraterrestrial life among us and change our destructive habits destroying our planet."

However, she then went on to tell fans not to just take her word for it. Rather, she encouraged them to download Dr. Greer's CE5 app for themselves to try and make contact.

"It will teach you the protocols to connect to life form beyond our planet!!," she said, before adding that it may take "several sessions to tap into a deep enough level of meditation to make contact." And while a lot of commenters have expressed their skepticism, on top of the Pentagon's footage and the way the world has continued to unravel, talking to aliens honestly doesn't seem like the weirdestthing that'll happen to us in 2020.

See Lovato's post for yourself, below.

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