Maude Apatow Called 'Nepo Baby' After Off-Broadway Casting

Maude Apatow Called 'Nepo Baby' After Off-Broadway Casting

Maude Apatow keeps being accused of benefitting from her family connections.

After being called a "nepo baby" in New York Magazine's viral cover story about the Hollywood's obsession with nepotism, the 25-year-old Euphoriastar was called out again this past weekend thanks to her casting as the lead in the "Little Shop of Horrors" revival.

In a recent Instagram post, Playbill announced that the actress — the daughter of director Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann — would be making her stage debut as Audrey in the off-Broadway musical, which was met with a flood of criticism from those who took issue with what appeared to be another example of the entertainment industry's preoccupation with legacy.

"I am so sick of nepo babies getting all the breaks while hard working, better trained, and more talented actors get passed over. All this girl has is a famous last name!," as one person wrote under the post. Meanwhile, many others chimed in with comments such as "nice to see nepo babies thriving when so many can’t get a job" and "oh good, I was worried someone who worked for the part might get it."

But even so, Apatow did have a friend in former Broadway actress Anissa Felix, who pointed out that "star casting like this helps to sell tickets and bring new audiences into the theatre," adding that it was ultimately "good for the entire cast and crew." And "Little Shop of Horrors" director Michael Mayer only had praise for Apatow, telling Playbill that he's "long admired the emotional intelligence and vulnerability Maude has displayed on television and in film."

"She’s a natural fit for Audrey,” he said before adding, "It delighted me to learn that, as a child, Little Shop was her gateway into her lifelong love of performing, and that this show gets to be her professional stage debut."

Back in September, Apatow responded to the "nepo baby" accusations in an interview with Net-a-Porter, saying that she tries "not to let it get to me because I obviously understand that I’m in such a lucky position."

“A lot of people [in a similar position] have proven themselves over the years," she said at the time. "So I’ve got to keep going and make good work.”

Apatow has yet to respond to the backlash. In the meantime though, you can read what people have to say about her casting on Playbill's Instagram post below.

Photo via Getty / Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic for HBO