Matty Healy Mocks Yungblud After Controversial Podcast Criticism

Matty Healy Mocks Yungblud After Controversial Podcast Criticism

Matty Healy is lashing out after he was seemingly called out by fellow musician Yungblud.

Earlier this month, the "Tissues" singer took to his Twitter with some pointed criticism that was widely believed to be about Healy's controversial appearance on a recent episode of The Adam Friedland Show podcast.

During the conversation with comedians Adam Friedland and Nick Mullen, The 1975 frontman made a number of racist and homophobic comments, including a request for an impression of a Japanese person working in a Nazi concentration camp and saying that Harry Styles "gets a pass" amid ongoing queerbaiting allegations.

That said, what seemed to bother him the most was speculation on Ice Spice's heritage, which led to the subsequent mimicry of Hawaiian, Inuit and Chinese accents, even though the rapper is of Nigerian and Dominican descent. So in response, Yungblud ended up sarcastically tweeting about how much he loves "listening to three privileged white dudes sit around and objectify a young Black female artist who’s blowing up" before adding, "Welcome to your 30’s I guess."

But while Healy initially stayed silent, he's since hit back at Yungblud in his Instagram Stories from this past weekend, where he appears to imitate the star while using a black-and-white filter that places the word "emo" underneath both eyes.

“I feel a bit responsible and i am really sorry," Healy said in one clip, where he poses as Yungblud reading a book and smoking a cigarette during a performance.

In another video, Healy also goes on to make fun of the singer's northern English accent and social views by saying, “Guys, I’m so fuckin’ angry, cause someone's blown themselves up in the Ukraine and we're not gonna stand for that because we're the fucking children, the fucking underrated youth."

"I don't stand for stuff. i stand against stuff, and it tends to be the most morally obvious stuff," Healy continued before adding "fuck the patriarchy!"

Yungblud has yet to respond to Healy's video.

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