The 1975's Matty Healy Under Fire After Controversial Podcast Appearance

The 1975's Matty Healy Under Fire After Controversial Podcast Appearance

by Anyu Ching

Matty Healy has once again managed to land himself in hot water after making a series of questionable jokes and comments on a controversial podcast.

The 1975 frontman was the latest guest on The Adam Friedland Show — hosted by New York City comedians Friedland and Nick Mullen — and throughout the hour-long episode, the three men made several disparaging comments about multiple racial and ethnic groups and even accused Harry Styles of queerbaiting.

Healy is no stranger to controversy or making headlines. Many moments from the UK band's At Their Very Best Tour for their fifth studio album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language, went viral online due to Healy's bizarre acts on stage which included eating raw meat and sucking on a fan's thumb.

Not all of his actions have necessarily resulted in public backlash, with his penchant for kissing audience members sparking a recent conversation about the importance of consent.

However, fans of Healy are now condemning the singer for participating in a conversation riddled with homophobia and racism. Claims of the former derive from Healy questioning why Styles gets a "pass" for queerbaiting, even though the 2023 Grammy-award-winning musician has never officially put a label on his sexuality.

Accusations of racism partially stem from Healy telling the two hosts about the time he had messaged American rapper Ice Spice, which led to group-wide speculation about her ethnicity.

Friedland and Mullen first joked about the rapper being of Inuit descent, then Chinese and finally Hawaiian, mocking the accents of the last two groups mentioned. Let the record show that Ice Spice is Dominican and Nigerian.

Fellow musician Yungblud seemed to condemn the comments made about Ice Spice, tweeting: "love listening to three privileged white dudes sit around and objectify a young black female artist who's blowing up."

Inflammatory remarks about the Scots language and the mocking of both Scottish and Japanese accents were also present in the episode, with Healy asking to hear an impression of a Japanese person working in a concentration camp. The frontman is heard laughing along before eventually joining in.

Healy has yet to address the comments made on the episode, but fans of The 1975 will likely think twice before kissing him at their next concert.

Photo via Getty/ Amy Sussman