Matty Healy 'Not Sorry' For Joking About Artists Impacted By Coronavirus

Matty Healy 'Not Sorry' For Joking About Artists Impacted By Coronavirus

Matty Healy is refusing to apologize for a post he made about indie creatives in self-isolation.

On Tuesday, The 1975 frontman took to his Twitter to crack a joke about artists asking for support amid the coronavirus outbreak.

"Stop telling people to support you we don't want your EP and zine bundle now Laura," Healy wrote in the since-deleted tweet, "We're going to die."

Naturally, Healy's glib approach toward the struggles of other artists — particularly those who aren't as "privileged" as he is — rubbed fans the wrong way. After all, as many pointed out, widespread self-isolation and all of the coronavirus-related event cancelations have drastically affected the financial security of many independent artists and we should be doing all we can to support them.

"Ignore whatever the fuck matty healy is on right now," as one person wrote. "Support small artists!!! pre save their eps, talk about them!!! commission from them!! even just moral support ffs, this is a time where humanity should come together to help each other even in small ways."

Following the tweet's deletion, Healy followed up by writing, "I deleted my joke incase anybody anywhere got offended." However, in response to a fan's critique of his non-apology, Healy later clarified that he was "not sorry," just "bored."

Not only that, but Healy continued to double down on his defense, by writing that it was "a joke about the current narrative on social media NOT a serious comment on the economic status of aspiring artists."

"To make that jump is dramatic and ridiculous in my opinion," he continued, before adding, "And I'm not going to keep apologizing about everything cos Twitter says so."

See Healy's response, below.

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