Martha Stewart Just Experienced Uber For The First Time

Martha Stewart Just Experienced Uber For The First Time

Martha Stewart, like you, thinks her Uber experience could be a little nicer. She used the ride share app for the very first time today, and wasn't impressed with the service she received.

Except for the fact she was using the app's premium LUX service, Martha's struggles with Uber are extremely relatable. First of all, her car didn't show up. Then, after ordering another vehicle, she was forced to watch the map in agony, as her driver took an insane route to get to her, tried to turn around, couldn't, so parked way down the street from where she was waiting. She detailed the entire ordeal on Instagram.

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Further adding to her misfortunes, the Uber's floor was kind of dirty, as illustrated by this carefully styled shot featuring a $300 pair of snakeskin Manolos. On the bright side, it appears free water was on offer. Not every Uber has that!

Can someone please tell Martha Stewart's assistant about Lyft?

Photo via BFA