Marina Abramović Says Tell Your Problems to a Tree

Marina Abramović Says Tell Your Problems to a Tree

Marina Abramović has some advice for everyone to heal from the trauma of 2020 as the year limps to a sullen close. She wants you to complain to a tree.

In a clip from her Sky Arts takeover that happens this week, the performance artist showcases the technique that is part of her Abramović Method: a set of techniques that enables artists to get to higher states of consciousness. (Lady Gaga even tried it for ARTPOP.)

In the clip, Abramović details what makes trees such great partners to nag to. "Trees are like human beings," she says. "They have intelligence. They have feelings."

She continues, "They communicate with each other. And also, they are perfectly silent listeners. You can complain to them. And I started this a long time ago when I was in the Amazon with the native Indians. You know, they will go to the Sequoia tree, which is one of the oldest on the planet. And they will make a dance for the tree."

Clips of someone embracing a tree and explaining their problems are shown, indicating to viewers that this is the kind of behavior they should partake in. The video ends with a public service announcement from Abramović.

"Please, go to the park near you," she says. "Pick the tree you like. Hold the tree tight. Really tight. And just pour your heart into it. Complain to the tree for a minimum of 15 minutes. It's the best healing that you can do."

Check out Abramović's tree-hugging request of viewers up above.

Photo via BFA