Is Marilyn Manson the Devil or Not?

Is Marilyn Manson the Devil or Not?

by Simone Silvan

Marilyn Manson is still finding work. The musician, actor, and painter just signed on to another adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand, a horror novel that narrates a post-apocalyptic society after 99% of its population has been decimated by a deadly strain of influenza. The 1,000 page novel will be crunched into a 10-episode miniseries that will also feature Manson's cover of the Doors' "The End."

And while Manson has yet to confirm his role, we're placing our bets on Randall Flagg: a demonic figure who is described in the novel as a "tall man of no age." Who better to play Flagg then Mansion, a 6 foot 1 cultural icon whose fame has transcended several decades, even after becoming an honorary priest in the Church of Satan?

If Manson's long standing connections to Satanism once deemed him a symbol of the downfall of religion and society, playing Flagg in The Stand might just seal the deal for suburban mothers across America.

The Stand will air on CBS-All Access in 2020.

Photo via BFA