Cut Us a Slice of This Margiela Wedding Cake

Cut Us a Slice of This Margiela Wedding Cake

Today, Wednesday, in Milan, MM6 Maison Margiela staged a wedding. The label, the contemporary offshoot of Maison Margiela, really went for it — playing with a recreation of the 1969 wedding of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Gibraltar (the best thing that ever happened to the The Beatles, in my humble opinion).

There was an arch covered in Polaroids and various Margiela-themed momentos. Elegant white balloon bouquets sprouted up all over the cavernous space. Models sported tulle veils and garments with slogans scrawled across them, like "Just Married," "They Are Two of a Kind" and "Betterhalfism." One model's dress was a take on a giant lace doily. And there was a truly enormous wedding cake.

This cake is stunning. It appears to be several feet wide, and is covered in delicate white and purple rosettes, with elegant piping on the edges. It had to be placed atop countless doilies. Lavender frosting reads "Just Margiela." Yum.

The cake itself is yellow and moist-looking. Is it some sort of elegant Italian almond flavor? A classic vanilla? Yellow Pillsbury straight from dozens of boxes? It's unclear. But what is clear is that the cake looks delicious, which is rare in both fashion and at wedding celebrations.

Wedding cake is not actually very tasty. Think about it — the stuff is dry and crumbly, and usually way too sweet. Fondant is gross, which is a fact and not an opinion. But the MM6 Maison Margiela cake looks really delicious. We salivated over it all day, watching it get cut over a number of professionally lit Instagram stories. Do you think they'd ship us a piece from Italy?

Photo via Instagram/@hagiwaraterumi