Marc Jacobs' Headscarves Channel Old Hollywood Chic

Marc Jacobs' Headscarves Channel Old Hollywood Chic

Never one to eschew a daring look, Marc Jacobs has been giving us silver screen starlet chic as of late thanks to a gorgeous arsenal of headscarves that would make Grace Kelly green with envy.

It all started last month, when Jacobs decided to switch out his headbands for a softer, silkier look. Think less gym and more Golden Age Hollywood glamour.

And though Voguepoints out that both Chloë Sevigny and A$AP Rocky previously rocked the trend in spring, Jacobs appears to be the only one still dedicated to the cause.

From Gucci to Hermes, Jacobs seems to have amassed quite the collection and, naturally, has been posting Instagrams of himself showing off his demure, new look left and right. And while he may not be recording videos of himself speaking with a Mid-Atlantic accent (just yet), he has been filing most of these posts under the excellent #GayGardens hashtag.

Get inspired by a few of Jacobs' latest looks, below.

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