Majorlilkween's Sleep Paralysis Demon Wears Latex

Majorlilkween's Sleep Paralysis Demon Wears Latex

by Myka Greene

Ever wondered if your sleep paralysis demon wears a pink latex suit? Majorlilkween, the pop star alter ego of model Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov, has answered your wishes in the music video for her first single of 2022, "ten 22."

This song is Majorlilkween's most personal yet, with heartfelt lyrics discussing mental health, as she shifts seamlessly from her dynamic rap sound to a more alternative one (peep the cover art for her single, which is an ode to pop-punk god Avril Lavigne).

Directed by Modern Day Auteur, the video shows Majorlilkween "clad in pink latex" as we watch her become "a demonic Majorlilkween strutting her stuff amidst an industrial hellscape."

She says, "Oftentimes I wonder when we are experiencing these crazy nightmares, is something greater than us taking control of our bodies or is it just our mind playing tricks on us and making it all up? So I really wanted to explore that visually.”

Beyond the "eerie, Wes Anderson-inspired" technicolored nightmare, the video represents the pressures of rising in the music industry, along with the resounding grief of losing her father as a teen. It was written after the musician suffered a panic attack and its visceral effects are apparent in the song’s creation.

“This record is really transformative and special because it's also the first time I've used real instruments and really explored music outside of my comfort zone," Majorlilkween says. "I think what I was going through at the time created a beautiful piece of art in the rawest form. I'm excited for people to get to know me on a more personal level, since I have never really spoken about my struggles with mental health publicly."

The Estonia-born singer initially moved to NYC to pursue a career in music, but was quickly tapped to work with fashion designers as a model. Following an impressive debut on a series of major runway shows as a teen and becoming Victoria Beckham’s "muse," Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov ventured to return to her roots and create a musical persona detached from modeling.

Thus, Majorlilkween was born. With her IDGAF attitude and newer pursuit into making sad girl anthems, we are sure to watch her next moves.

Photo courtesy of Peter Suski