'Magic Mike' Filming Interrupted by 'Salivating Admirers'

'Magic Mike' Filming Interrupted by 'Salivating Admirers'

by Anna Montagner

Apparently, London has become the scene for an ultimate gold rush — and by “gold,” we mean the oiled-up, glistening Magic Mike cast who happens to be filming the third installment of the franchise.

As reported by The Sun, the set of Magic Mike's Last Dance has been “disrupted” by a group of “salivating admirers” who were willing to get in trouble in order to take a peek at the hunky stars. As of now, Channing Tatum and Thandie Newton are the only confirmed cast members — yet their names were enough to turn on the eager fans.

In conversation with The Sun, a source explained that “It starts as a bit of fun and it’s great that the fans are so engaged. They’re just passionate — and plainly sex-starved! But after a while it has become problematic and there are now a lot of fans trying to get hold of the guys pretty much everywhere they go.”

It appears that these lusting women received details of the production — when and where shirtless Tatum could be found — through a Whatsapp group chat. However, their restless attempts to get a pic of men au naturel has caused security staff to increase their safety measures.

“The security team are concerned about what they might be prepared to do just to get their hands on them,” said the source, adding “Sadly, the only option has been to move things around and take security precautions by bringing in some proper heavies to make sure nobody gets hurt.”

Nonetheless, the wild reaction has proved the incredible success of the franchise. “Obviously the previous films have had a huge impact but also left this legion of horny, middle-aged women, who are making it their business to know the guys’ every move and follow them all over the place,” the source said.

And if the first two movies became global hits, grossing $300 million worldwide, we can expect Magic Mike’s Last Dance to easily surpass that outcome.

Photo via Getty/ Naomi Rahim/ WireImage