Madonna Releases Powerful 'God Control' Music Video

Madonna Releases Powerful 'God Control' Music Video

Gory music videos are clearly a theme for today — and Madonna's new video for "God Control," the second single from her latest album Madame X, is even darker than Cardi B's clip for "Press." Taking a strong stance against gun violence, the pop icon visualizes a devastating mass shooting in a glitzy, 70s-style nightclub.

The video, directed by Jonas Åkerlund and featuring RuPaul's Drag Race star Monét X Change, also contains footage of real life gun control protests. Madonna appears both at the nightclub and sitting at a desk with an old fashioned typewriter, typing her own lyrics as well as an Angela Davis quote: "I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept."

Speaking to CNN, Madonna was defensive about all the violent imagery. "This is what happens when people shoot," she said, not inaccurately. "Guns kill. A bullet rips through your body, knocks you to the floor and takes your life, and you bleed to death. I mean this is reality."

The musician added that gun violence disproportionately affects vulnerable communities. "We know that gun violence disproportionately affects children and the disenfranchised in our society," she said. "This certainly inspires me to use my art and platform to advocate for change."

This is your wake up call! Watch the music video for "God Control" by Madonna, below.