Luo Yang Captures Femininity in Modern China

Luo Yang Captures Femininity in Modern China

World-renowned Chinese photographer Luo Yang's latest work will be shown as a retrospective, capturing the quiet, but unmistakably powerful beauty of her intimate portraits.

GIRLS, a show featuring photographs of Chinese women Yang has met in her private life, aims to document the role of femininity in modern China, whether "raw, on film, [or] at unstaged settings," according a release detailing the exhibition. GIRLS, debuting in Bangkok, Thailand on December 9 and showing again on the 12th, marks the first solo viewing in a multi-city exhibition; news about those shows are forthcoming.

In each photo, Yang, who works between Beijing and Shanghai, highlights a stark contrast between challenging what the viewer might understand about the feminine mystique, however complicated that might be, and the bold nature of the photos themselves, which arguably reflect the evolution of feminism in modern-day, metropolitan China. Ultimately, Yang's series effectively displays the elusive, but undeniable power of women, no matter what side of the world they live on.

GIRLS is co-curated by Chomwan Weeraworawit and RDX Offsite, presented by creative arts agency and Moonduckling, and produced by Annette Fausboll, Jean Alexandre Luciani and Julien Favre. See additional images from Luo Yang's GIRLS, below.

Photography: Luo Yang