Loyal Lobos Releases Her Inner Wolf on 'You're Nobody'

Loyal Lobos Releases Her Inner Wolf on 'You're Nobody'

Under the Loyal Lobos nom de guerre, singer-songwriter and guitarist Andrea Silva is finding herself again on "You’re Nobody." The Colombian-born, Los Angeles-raised artist has explored all edges of herself; her last single, "Bummed," left listeners stranded in the crowd — an introverted ode to losing yourself. With hard-hitting vocals and a punchy bass line, "You’re Nobody" emerges from the masses.

"Won’t ever doubt a decision/ I’m into this mission/ I mean like the kamikaze type," Silva sings, delivering lyrics that set the stage for an empowering anthem.

She steps into her self-directed music video brandishing a sword and an air of self-assuredness. Making reference to her stage name, the Spanglish take on "Loyal Wolves," the visual overlays illustrations of wolves across Silvia, drawing from her innate power, wild spirit and the freedom of her music.

"I’ve always had a defiant personality," Silva tells PAPER. "'You’re Nobody' is a song about telling someone off. Letting them know you don’t care who they think they are and you don’t care what they have to say. It’s taking somebody down a notch real quick."

Silva's 2020 album, Everlasting, introduced her music as an ethereal, exercise in liminality — in genre, identity and language. While listeners have tried to categorize her sound, "You’re Nobody" feels like a direct response. On a personal level, it reminds fans to never confuse self-worth with self-image. Zooming out, it reads as a response to the music industry and its commodification of sound, assigning value to profit over originality. To them, Silva says, "You’re Nobody."

The video ends with an eruption of natural and artificial light, shadows and silhouettes, exploring in-between spaces like a sunset and the various identities we make within them. Through this, Silva accesses her truest self inside the uncertainty, encouraging listeners to do the same.

Watch the PAPER premiere of "You're Nobody" and stream Loyal Lobos' new single, below.

Photos courtesy of Rodolfo Rodriguez