'Love Is Blind' Creator Responds to Claim About Editing Out Black Women

'Love Is Blind' Creator Responds to Claim About Editing Out Black Women

The creator of Love Is Blind has addressed the controversy surrounding its alleged editing process and who makes the final cut.

Last October, former contestant Lauren Speed took to her Twitter to accuse the popular Netflix dating show of "cutting all the Black women" in season three, before asking "how come they are always in the trailer but not the show." And while the producers of Love Is Blind never formally addressed the season one fan favorite's critique, creator Chris Coelen is now pushing back against the claim in a new roundtable interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"I will never pretend to be able to speak to everyone's point of view," the Kinetic Content founder and CEO said during a chat with other top executives in the unscripted reality space.

"On 'Love Is Blind,' we invite a very big pool of people to participate in the show. Not everybody finds love. When we do have more couples than not, the way that I lean into deciding who it makes sense to follow is, who feels authentic?," he continued. "Our track record for picking genuine couples is pretty good."

Coelen then went on to say that they "chose to follow" Speed and now-husband Cameron Hamilton in season one before appearing to allude to one of the reality star's follow-up tweets, in which she claimed that "85% of them couples be forced (just moving forward for entertainment purposes) anyway."

"It is really easy for people who don't have a complete understanding of what goes into this process to have points of view about the process. And I think that's great," Coelen said. "We all should have our own point of view about the process."

He added, "All I can do is be authentic, tell the truth and, in doing so, create an amazing platform and opportunity for people to effect real change in their lives if they choose to do so."

Prior to Coelen's answer, Love Is Blind co-host Nick Lachey also responded to Speed's criticism, telling Entertainment Tonight that while it was a "fair observation," he didn't know "what exactly you can do about that except continue to cast with diversity, which they’ve done."

"People gravitate to who they gravitate to," the former 98 Degrees singer said. "That's not something that producers or anyone else can dictate or strip or have dictated or stripped."

Speed has yet to respond to Coelen's defense. In the meantime, you can see what he said about the issue via The Hollywood Reporterhere.

Photo via Netflix / Ser Baffo