Lourdes Leon Debuts 'Lock&Key' as Lolahol

Lourdes Leon Debuts 'Lock&Key' as Lolahol

Lourdes "Lola" Leon has everything under lock and key.

Already an accomplished model, dancer and choreographer, the eldest daughter of PAPER's current cover star, Madonna, can now also call herself a "musician" like her mama, thanks to the debut of her brand new project, Lolahol, and the music video for her very first single, "Lock&Key."

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Co-produced by Eartheater, Samuel Burgess and Hara Kiri, "Lock&Key" is a strangely viscous yet simultaneously energetic track that perfectly captures the hazy high of a surreal night out, and it's one that's made even more ethereal by Lola's otherworldly vocals.

And in sync with this, the Eartheater-directed music video is able to visually recreate this super specific feeling by taking viewers on an intoxicating journey through the outer boroughs of New York City, which is made even more electrifying and thrilling thanks to editor Moshpit and Lola's own choreography, of course.

But if any of this is sounds familiar at all, it's probably because Lola and Eartheater have some history together — both as models and muses for one another — with the most notable being Lola's music video debut last year via Eartheater and Tony Seltzer's Grand Theft Auto-inspired single, "Joyride."

However, none it should also come as any surprise either, especially seeing as how the 25-year-old star already alluded to there being some potential there in her PAPER cover story from this past February, where she spoke to friend and Luar founder, Raul Lopez, about their past conversations surrounding a musical project, as well as how likely she was to pursue it as a "serious profession."

And while she didn't give away much at the time, she did say it would be "dance music" with an "electronic, experimental vibe," before mentioning Eartheater as an inspiration. So needless to say, Lola has had it figured out this entire time.

Read more about what Lola had to say about her music via PAPER's December cover story, here, and stream "Lock&Key" (via Eartheater's label Chemical X).

Photography: Moshpit