Louis Vuitton Rebuilt Pompidou Centre

Louis Vuitton Rebuilt Pompidou Centre

When guests walked around the back of the Louvre, where Louis Vuitton typically has its shows, they were in for a surprise. The French label had constructed an entirely new space to resemble the Pompidou Centre in Paris, created in collaboration with the original architects of Pompidou. With its signature colorful interior, models walked across a raised platform before going though secret doors and coming back down to the ground. The collection, in many ways, was about excess: the fact that Vuitton could rebuild a historic site from scratch rather than hold the show in the actual location and the glimmer glamour of '80s culture references manifested in everything from sequined bandannas to colorful prairie prom dresses and makeup artist Pat McGrath's extreme contouring. Here's everything else you need to know about the show.

Punk Prairie Dresses

Several iterations of fashion's favorite dress silhouette made an appearance. Nicolas Ghesquière said this collection was about the kind of subcultures you might see in the Pompidou area, walking by. He added a punkish flair with vibrant colors and dramatic yokes.

All that Glitters

Capitalizing on the glam aesthetics of the 1980s, there were flashes of sequins glittering on oversized bandanas and skirts.

Structured Outerwear

The outerwear was a highlight of the collection. Following the vintage sensibility, lots of coats and jackets were heavily structured; nipped at the waist and with oversized lapels.

The Beauty of Prints

Leopard, floral, checks, stripes and abstract shapes punctuated the collection with eccentricity. This was a show for the bold and those who aren't averse to a loud print.

Leather Ladies

Given Louis Vuitton's rich history of leather, it's no surprise that the clothing too echoed the sentiment of beautiful leather. It was there in the form of little leather jackets and the bags, which came in a huge variety of shapes, textures and sizes as per usual.

Photos via Imaxtree