Louis Vuitton Opens Slime Green NYC Pop-Up

Louis Vuitton Opens Slime Green NYC Pop-Up

A freshly neon Billie Eilish would look great inside Louis Vuitton and Virgil Abloh's new residency space in the Lower East Side.

The temporary pop-up is hosted at 100 Rivington Street and features head-to-toe neon green walls, decor, furnishings, and a menagerie of lifelike mannequins. The striking space is intended to be an "immersive" experience of Abloh's fall menswear 2019 collection.

Abloh's fall 2019 collection, which was shown on an NYC-themed runway, featured creatively tailored suits, graphic sweaters, and signature monogram cases, as well as several Michael Jackson-inspired pieces that Abloh decided to pull from production. However, the residency also offers a look at brand new "prints inspired by New York City, Monogram legacy accessories, patches inspired by Louis Vuitton's archives, flag prints representing the diverse nationalities of studio designers, an updated version of the Louis Vuitton "Skate" Trainer and rainbow and prism leather goods."

It's an instagram-ready retail experience (feel free to use the official hashtag, #LVGreenscreen). Louis Vuitton recently hosted an equally Instagrammable pop-up in Los Angeles last week, to celebrate their Louis Vuitton X exhibit.

Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton