A Day in the Life of LØLØ

A Day in the Life of LØLØ

Full of all the anger, angst, cynicism and depression that makes proper pop punk artist, Toronto singer-songwriter LØLØ is well on the rise. Having gotten her break on TikTok for reimagining pop hits from other perspectives, LØLØ is now writing from her own point of view and funneling her own emotions into original musical compositions.

A cross between Bowling for Soup and Avril Lavigne, LØLØ's new EP is a collection of thrashing guitars and relatable feels rolled up into a bite-sized punky package with a healthy dose of 2000s nostalgia. From relationships gone south to the unique yet universal malaise and social anxiety brought on by lockdown, overkill runs the gambit from soaring cathartic highs to vulnerable lows incorporating trap beats and arena rock into the mix to spice things up.

"Armed with what seemed like an endless well of inspiration, including killing many plants and relationships, falling for people I shouldn't, etc, I felt lost, lonely and pathetic," LØLØ explains. "When I feel that way, I turn to music — somehow songwriting has become the only type of surgery that can fix me when I'm broken. Instead of dealing with these things like a normal person, I wrote an EP. All I can do now is cross my fingers and hope people understand the twisted pile of wreckage that is my brain."

In celebration of the release of her overkill EP, the artist walks us through what a day in the life of LØLØ entails from studio sessions to walking her dog and her go-to places to eat.

Photography: Justin Alexis

My bedroom (specifically my bed) is where all of my song ideas start. This is my favorite mini black martin guitar. I'll start an idea like this and record a voice note, and then I'll take it to my producers to help me make it into a full produced song.

Photography: Ellie Beers Fallo