Logic1000 and Empress Of Are Dancing 'Side By Side'

Logic1000 and Empress Of Are Dancing 'Side By Side'

Jun 14, 2024

On “Side By Side,” Logic1000 and Empress Of come together for a hypnotic meeting of the minds. It’s the inaugural song from the Berlin-based DJ/producer’s forthcoming EP, mother :;~ rebirth an addictive collection of remixes of songs from her 2024 album, Mother.Featuring shimmering synths and Empress Of’s always-emotive vocals, “Side By Side” is an apt display of both artists’ signature skills and styles. There’s Logic1000’s effortless production, which floats between pop delectability and dance floor delirium, and Empress Of’s always honest, yearning lyricism. “You could be the time and the place/ I just want to lose myself,” she sings, anointing that always needed cry in the club.

mother :;~ rebirthis a moving addition to our collective rotation. Exploring the senses and feelings evoked by the birth of her daughter, Genie, in October of 2021, mother :;~ rebirth is yet another chance to dance and feel within Logic1000’s expanding universe.

PAPER spoke with Logic1000 in the lead-up to the release of “Side by Side” (feat. Empress Of) to talk motherhood, collaboration and playing her new, very personal album.

Have you been able to Mother with your daughter and experience it together yet?

I have! We don’t play it often but it’s quite a surreal experience to have her listen and dance to the music that was inspired by her existence. When we put it on she asks: “That’s mummy and daddy working?”

You're collaborating with some really amazing artists on mother :;~ rebirth. Tell me how you chose your collaborators and approached working with them on these remixes?

Yeah, I’m so pleased and very privileged to be able to work with such amazing talent. I wanted a really fresh feeling to rebirth so I felt as though VV Pete, Empress Of and Vagabon really brought that to the album. There are so many talented artists out there but I really feel like these three were the perfect trio. There’s a great dynamic between them in terms of their style.

Empress Of's lyrics on "Side By Side" are so powerful and yearning. She's writing lyrics on a song that was previously all instrumental. Tell me about how the song's lyrical theme came together?

That was all Empress! When we work with artists who are vocalists and lyricists we like to give them full control of what they want to say. It wouldn’t feel right to me to insert our ideas on something like that, because it’s such an art form and skill that I feel should be left to the experts. But having said that, I’ve started writing freely lately and I would also love to start having regular singing lessons which may eventuate into something interesting, let’s see!

You're due to start touring with this album, which is seems like your most personal. How has it been experiencing the album in a live setting so far?

I’m not touring the album in the classic sense, but definitely playing the songs out when I DJ. I always get a little nervous about playing my own songs. I don’t know why though, because everyone is always so supportive when I do. Maybe the nervousness is just excitement!

Photography: Kasia Kim-Zacharko