Lizzo Calls Cancel Culture 'Trendy, Misused and Misdirected'

Lizzo Calls Cancel Culture 'Trendy, Misused and Misdirected'

Lizzo has her own critiques on cancel culture.

This past weekend, the "About Damn Time" singer hopped on Twitter to share her concerns about how our approach to accountability has evolved into something that's less productive and more of a distraction.

“This may be a random time to say this but it’s on my heart," she began. "Cancel culture is appropriation."

"There was real outrage from truly marginalized people and now it’s become trendy, misused and misdirected," the Grammy winner then went on to lament, before adding that she hopes “we can phase out of this" so that we can "focus our outrage on the real problems.”

In replies, many fans agreed with Lizzo's take, with several people echoing her statement about there being "very real issues that warrant outrage," as one commenter said.

"I sometimes wonder if cancel culture stems from people feeling impotent against those bigger issues, so they go after simpler targets to feel better about themselves, like they did something," they continued, prior to a second saying that "cancel culture is being used and twisted and co-opted by people who just want to bully."

"Most people in 2023 know that bullying is wrong, but they know they can get away with it if they dress it up as moral outrage," as they wrote while observing that "It’s RAMPANT in fan culture and completely disingenuous."

Granted, Lizzo isn't the first celebrity to speak out on the issue, as other stars like Demi Lovato have publicly questioned the efficacy of a system that doesn't incorporate "forgiveness" and the opportunity for growth.

"That's why the cancel culture will not work unless people have some sort of mercy," as Lovato previously said, adding that "if it's somebody that just refuses to learn, has the entitlement of, 'I can never do any wrong and I can get away with this,' then yeah, go ahead and cancel them."

Check out Lizzo's tweet about cancel culture for yourself below.

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