Three Different Sex Toys, Three Different Orgasms
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Three Different Sex Toys, Three Different Orgasms

by Fifi Springs

This article is a sponsored collaboration between LELO and PAPER

Variety, you might have heard, is the spice of life. And nowhere is that more true than the bedroom. We all have our moves in there, the stuff that works and gets us (and our partners) off without fail. But are we always having… fun, doing that? Sadly, the answer is no. Especially when it comes to masturbation. However reliable an orgasm route it may be, meekly jerking off to the same fantasy scenario you've been perfecting since high school can start to feel pretty damn sad after a while.

However hyperorganized and girlboss-y your schedule otherwise is, sex should feel fun and exploratory, never regimented. And the best way to create a sense of sponteneity for yourself (or whoever else happens to be around) is to have a suite of sex toy options, each offering different experiences and, specifically, different styles of orgasm.

Whether you're looking to spend a self-love Saturday working towards a long, satisfying clitoral orgasm or going hot and heavy with a rabbit-style vibrator while thinking about a new crush, the sex toy experts over at LELO have you covered. Founded in Stockholm in 2003, the brand is renowned for its chic products that look more like design objects than sex toys. But believe us, they're engineered for pleasure as much as looks.

Below, find three different options to get yourself off three unique ways. Mix it up!

For giving yourself head

Why is it that having someone go down on you is always better in theory than in practice? Facts are, the human mouth is not best designed to pleasure someone's clitoris, and that's a serious design flaw that we'd like to take up with whatever divine creator is responsible.

But what humans lack in oral sex ability, we make up for in brains: and some seriously smart ones have come up with the LELO Sila. This sleek little pleasure pod — a clit vibrator, rather than a penetrative toy — offers an intuitive and fun way to, well, give yourself head.

Constructed from body-safe lilac, green or pink silicone with LELO's trademark gold embellishments, the LELO Sila boasts a wide suction mechanism that creates a seal around not only your clit but also your vulva. That's important! With the Sila, you can either get yourself off quickly and easily, or buckle in for a prolonged pleasure session that can easily last for hours.

Best of all: no weird tongue stuff, and no having to pat anyone's hair and reassure them that they're doing great down there.

Check out the LELO Sila for yourself, here.

For the best of both worlds

The clit is all well and good. But what if you're looking to orgasm via your G-spot, too? It's possible to do both — and at the same time, no less. In order to achieve that elusive blended orgasm, you'll need the LELO Enigma. It's a dark, mysterious-looking vibrator with hot pink embellishments. It looks like what you might bring to a sex party on the planet Chromatica.

So how exactly does it work? The clever LELO Enigma sex scientists have figured out that the G-spot and clitoris are connected to the same network of nerves. Which means that, with the aid of the correctly designed toy, hitting the G-spot in the right way can also stimulate the clitoris at the same time. With its dual massage function and eight different pleasure modes, with the Enigma you'll easily be able to figure out exactly how to get that synergy happening. The result is a blissful dual orgasm that will make you wonder how you possibly survived just experiencing one or the other.

Check out the LELO Enigma for yourself, here.

For a better-than-boyfriend experience

Masturbation just isn't quite the same as sex with a partner. But it can definitely come close, or even be better, especially if a rabbit vibrator is involved. Our favorite one on the market? Definitely the LELO Soraya Wave. It's elegant enough to keep out on the nightstand, and with both an internal and external stimulator that hits both the clit and the G-spot. But the Soraya Wave's main attraction is its unique WAVEMOTION™ tech, which "mimics the caress of a lover's fingers."

It really is a totally unique type of vibration, one that's just as good as — hey, even better than — having someone right there with you. The undulating pulse rises and falls inside you, creating a kind of stroking, "come hither" motion — except frankly way, way more powerful than the average human hand (or, um, other appendage.)

Also more powerful than the human hand are the unique sculpted, flexible tips on the two stimulators. Literally designed to create a powerful orgasm that you'll quickly become addicted to and might consider permanently replacing any IRL sex partners with.

Check out the LELO Soraya Wave for yourself, here.

Photos courtesy of LELO