Lana Del Rey Fans Call Out G-Eazy For 'Dissing' Her

Lana Del Rey Fans Call Out G-Eazy For 'Dissing' Her

G-Eazy is being called out by fans by who believe he "dissed" Lana Del Rey on a recent track.

Earlier this week, G-Eazy release a new song with Jack Harlow called "Moana." However, as Metro UK points out, the single also appears to contain a reference to his rumored ex with the line, "I know a Keisha and I know Lana / They try to get me back, but I'm like, "No, nah, nah' / I'm sorry, I don't want no drama, nah / That's a hard no, pass."

Needless to say, Lana's fans were less than pleased with the dig and quick to follow up with references to her 2017 song "In My Feelings," which was supposedly written about their split.

"Someone gonna tell G Eazy that it doesn't sound like Lana wants him back," as one fan said, while a stan account tweeted the song at the rapper, writing, "Here's a friendly reminder of your worth xo."

Meanwhile, other fans continued to defend Lana by refuting G-Eazy's apparent claim, writing things like, "Thinking about how G-Eazy thinks Lana wants him back," and "Last time I check all your girls left you and the music you be making keeps flopping."

Neither Lana nor G-Eazy have responded to the speculation.

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