It's Okay, G-Eazy and Megan Thee Stallion Aren't a Thing

It's Okay, G-Eazy and Megan Thee Stallion Aren't a Thing

Yesterday, Kill Bill sirens rang out across the stan-o-sphere after rapper G-Eazy posted a video of himself in bed with Megan Thee Stallion, burrowing into her cheek with a barrage of kisses, seemingly implying that the two were an item.

In the absence of any confirmation from the Hot Girl camp, fans, who were still in various stages of disbelief, started to piece together a timeline of how the two had grown so close. This development had come less that 24 hours after someone used to the white rapper's name to heckle Halsey at a pre-Super Bowl show dredging up memories of the former couple's fraught and emotionally volatile break-up. Naturally defensive, stans' first impulse was to deny and disavow, pretending to shutter their Twitter accounts, bringing back embarrassing photos of G, and generally memeing the whole thing into oblivion.

Thankfully, Meg has come to set the record straight, tweeting out "Lol alright nowww y'all got all y'all jokes out but I am not fucking G Eazy." Come on guys, she has standards.

After breathing a collective sigh of relief, the question still remained: if G and Meg weren't sleeping together then why was he feverishly macking on her cheek? Easy, "He like fenty."

And just like that, Hot Girl Winter lives on!

Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/WireImage via Getty


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