Lava La Rue and Lazy Oaf Welcome You to 'Lavaland'

Lava La Rue and Lazy Oaf Welcome You to 'Lavaland'

Hot on the heels of the release of their new queer dating anthem, "Vest & Boxers," Lava La Rue is launching their very first apparel collection with quirky streetwear brand Lazy Oaf.

The 11-piece capsule collection is called "Lavaland," and draws inspiration from the artist's heritage and different periods of their life — from their brief stint in Tokyo to their life in West London.

"Lavaland is just all the things that happen in my brain, manifested into a big immersive, creative world," they said in an interview. "I’ve been able to manifest this energy of places I’ve been to and specific moments I’ve had and put that into actual garments. And you can wear it and look through the zine and you can hear it and you can smell it. I wanted it to be like a full environment. That's my vision for Lavaland"

Lava La Rue put an emphasis on giving the clothing line a cozy feel, yet making sure that the pieces were versatile enough to transition from binge-watching on the couch to going out for a rager. So it features a lot of loose-fitting long-sleeved tees, a fuzzy cardigan, tank tops and sweatpants, but with loud colors and prints.

It was also crucial for Lava La Rue that the clothes were designed to be genderfluid. They added, "It’s really important to have clothes that embody that, because as someone who identifies across the spectrum, it’s really nice to feel represented in those garments that are something that I can wear and my brothers can wear and my friends can wear. That was a huge purpose in the functionality."

"Lavaland" drops and will be available to shop on Thursday, February 3, 2022. See all the looks from the collection, below.

Photography: Daniela Monteiro
Makeup: Theresa Davies
Hair Styling: Jaz Hope