Latto Shuts Down 'Panty Police' Troll By Selling Her Underwear

Latto Shuts Down 'Panty Police' Troll By Selling Her Underwear

Latto could care less about the "panty police" and their unsolicited opinions.

In what can only be called the savviest business move of all time, the 24-year-old "Big Energy" star ending up making some serious coin, and it was all thanks to a troll who tried to embarrass her over wearing the same pair of skivvies on two separate occasions.

On Sunday, some random Twitter user made a bizarre dig at Latto's lingerie by posting two photos of the fashion icon sporting a pair of cheetah print undies accompanied by the caption, "Can’t afford new panties?” However, the insane reach of a critique was quickly dismissed by thousands of fans, who responded to the post by pointing out that everyone wears the same underwear from time to time, seeing as how there's a pretty neat thing called laundry.

"N****s really finna act like they ain’t ever washed and wore the same pair of draws before," as one mystified person wrote, while another defended Latto by noting that it's common practice to buy a bunch of the same undergarments when you "like something."

Even so, the ultimate clap back came from Latto herself, who responded by reposting the tweet and writing, "Oh no, it’s the panty police" before showing the troll exactly how stupid their comment was. And the way she did that? By placing the panties in question up for sale and starting the bidding at 99 cents.

"Auction live on eBay since I can’t wear them twice 🥲," Latto wrote alongside a screenshot of her listing, which features a pic of her cheetah print undies next to one of the photos posted by the troll.

As such, the auction quickly skyrocketed to almost $15,000, with one commenter observing that her panties were "worth more than a Honda in 4 minutes." But the best part is that it seems like the troll actually helped Latto find a very lucrative new side hustle, as the Grammy winner later took to her Instagram Story with a pack of cheetah print panties, which she captioned, “I’m gonna wear a pair today and sell em tomorrow." Talk about getting the last laugh.

Photo via Getty / Dan Boczarski / NBC