Latto Was Arrested at LAX For Carrying a Loaded Gun in Her Birkin

Latto Was Arrested at LAX For Carrying a Loaded Gun in Her Birkin

Latto says she was arrested at the airport for carrying a loaded gun in her Birkin bag.

The revelation first came to light on Friday thanks to her verse on Chicago drill star Mello Buckzz's recent song, "Boom, Pt. 2," in which she talks about the time she "got locked up in the airport / Goddamn forgot the gun." And naturally, the tidbit ended up raising more than a few eyebrows online.


After some discussion surrounding a fan tweet featuring the lyrics, the "Big Energy" rapper hopped on Twitter to verify that it was a "True story!!!," which obviously led to another person asking for "more insight on that story." So in response, Latto delivered a pretty wild anecdote about an incident that occurred at LAX International Airport, where she was supposed to catch a $75,000 private jet flight to a concert somewhere in Alabama.

"Went to LAX w a loaded glock 17 in my Birk," she wrote before adding that she "got locked & let out in a few hours lmaooo," meaning that she was still able to make it to her show on time. And while she didn't specify when exactly this happened, the Grammy nominee did go on tell the critics accusing her of lying that there's "no cap in my rap TUH."

That said, the "Lottery" artist's tweet was met with mixed reactions, with some still insisting that the story was made-up. Meanwhile, others took issue with what they perceived to be Latto bragging about a pretty serious offense, which she later responded to by tweeting, "A mf answer a question for my fans."

"& y'all think a bitch tryna flex going to jail," Latto went on to say before concluding the post with a simple "lmao what."

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