Lana del Rey Bought Her Grammys Dress at the Mall

Lana del Rey Bought Her Grammys Dress at the Mall

She may have been robbed of a statue last night, but Lana del Rey became a winner the minute she stepped foot on the red carpet. Rather than showing up in a custom creation or off-the-runway look like the other stars were sporting, our relatable queen opted for a beaded fringe dress she bought from her local mall.

The singer revealed to Entertainment Tonight's Nischelle Turner that she actually had a different dress lined up before she spotted the silver gown at the mall while shopping for a belt for her hot cop boyfriend (who was by her side all night). While we are sorry to that former dress, you could tell Lana was beaming with joy over her chosen look.

A savvy shopper, Lana had the dress taken in at the waist to ensure a proper fit for her special evening. "I tailored it right there," she explained. "So, you know, a little mix and match. ... We're making it all work."

A last-minute impulse purchase? We love to see it! Turns out the dress she bought is by New York-based designer Aidan Mattox, and it's actually available now online at Saks Fifth Avenue for $595.

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