Lana Del Rey Is Actually a Cancer

Lana Del Rey Is Actually a Cancer

Today in truly batshit crazy news, it turns out that Lana Del Rey has actually been a Cancer this entire time.

The shocking revelation came from Del Rey herself yesterday, who clarified that — contrary to popular belief — she is not a Gemini.

Earlier in the day, a fan posted an alleged screenshot of a comment thread in which Del Rey — who was born on June 21, the cusp of Gemini and Cancer — appears to confirm to a fan that she a Taurus rising, as she was "born 2:46am nyc."

"Lana Del Rey's birth time has been confirmed and public knowledge for years I just forgot to look it up?" they wrote. "Anyway, confirmed Gemini."

That said, Del Rey followed up by correcting the information shared in the screenshot — stating that, for once and for all, "I'm actually a cancer I was born at 4:47 PM."

Needless to say, the Gemini community is up in arms over the announcement. Some even went so far as to outright challenge Del Rey's new sign and point out that she does own a Gemini necklace.

Honestly though, the more we think about it, it makes sense that Del Rey's actually a hard Cancer. After all, as one responder put it, "Y'all really think a Gemini wrote Ultraviolence?? Or a 10min song about her lover!!!!?! Fools all y'all."

Regardless, all hail the new Queen of Cancers.

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