Apparently Schiaparelli Makes Bulletproof Couture

Apparently Schiaparelli Makes Bulletproof Couture

Currently in the lead-up to her highly anticipated starring role in Ridley Scott's House of Gucci, Lady Gaga is taking a trip down her own personal fashion memory lane. In a recent interview with British Vogue, Gaga reflected on some of her more iconic and avant-garde looks, from the infamous meat dress (which was "thrilling to wear") to the giant latex egg she apparently gestated in for three days.

Towards the end of the feature, Gaga took a moment to revisit one of her more recent looks for the inauguration of President Joe Biden this January. In what may come as a surprise — or not, considering the political climate at the time — Gaga revealed that the Schiaparelli Haute Couture dress she wore to sing the national anthem was actually "bulletproof."

Gaga didn't elaborate as to how or what part of the dress was exactly bulletproof, but added that it was "one of my favorite things I've ever worn." The custom look, designed by Schiaparelli Creative Director Daniel Roseberry, featured a fitted navy blue jacket, billowing red ballgown skirt and massive gold dove broach that held an olive branch as a symbol of peace. "When I saw that golden dove, I just knew that this was the right piece," she said.

Gaga went on to explain how she went with an Italian fashion house because of her own Italian-American heritage. "And I'll never forget speaking to this young man that I was with," Gaga recalled. "He was asking me if I was nervous and I said, 'Yes.' But sometimes, fashion can really give you wings... like a dove."

Photo via Getty/ Greg Nash