How Does Stormi Have More Self-Control Than Me?

How Does Stormi Have More Self-Control Than Me?

If your mom put a delicious treat in front of you, and told you to wait to have some until she got back, could you do it?

It wasn't an issue for Stormi Webster. The two-year-old (who perhaps a pediatrician should check up on to make sure she is in fact a toddler and not a 33-year-old masquerading as a child, just a thought) simply sat there repeating "patience, patience, patience" when Kylie placed a heaping bowl of M&Ms in front of her and told the toddler to sit tight until she got back from the bathroom.

Sorry, is that normal? How old, exactly, is a two-year-old? Can they talk? Do they have speech comprehension? Is Stormi simply hyper-attuned to being on camera, given she was born as a social media stunt and has been Insta Live-d since birth? Is it something to do with her 24/7 team of caretakers and educators?

The sickeningly adorable video is the result of a viral challenge in which people test their kids' self control (in order to show off their excellent parenting). I mean we knew Stormi was Instagram-friendly but… at one point she literally reaches over to the bowl, before stopping herself. Impressive.

Thoughts and prayers for all the celebrity children whose parents currently have them in front of the camera trying to recreate Stormi's feat. "OMG how perfect! This would NOT be the case w Chi!" wrote Kim Kardashian. "Or especially Saint." Crissy Teigan chimed in: "Ok oh my god this is SO SWEET I gotta try with miles. I know Luna won't but miles, it's over." Maybe one day day Miles Legend and Chi West will get back at Stormi for being such a little goody two shoes.

Photo via Instagram