Student Becomes the Master: Kylie Jenner's Assistant Quit

Student Becomes the Master: Kylie Jenner's Assistant Quit

It was bound to happen, but learning the path to Instagram influencer domination from Kylie Jenner is like being sent to the most expensive private school to study for your SATs. Victoria Villarroel, Jenner's assistant, has quit to become a social media star.

In an exclusive with Us Weekly, an insider revealed that Villarroel is no longer working for the 22-year-old billionaire cosmetics mogul, and is instead pursuing a career as an aspiring influencer. Fans believe that the two are remaining friends after Villarroel posted a photo with Jenner yesterday looking prepped and ready for sponcon.

While there's no other information on the split –– and you can bet that Jenner has more than one assistant –– there's a bittersweet irony in the fact that the world's most renowned influencer is losing one of her own to the game. Whether or not this is a surefire career path for other aspiring social media gurus and sponcon specialists, you can't help but admire Villarroel's passion for the industry. It's a tale as old as time, the student vs. the master; it's a digital-age Jedi story arc, already ripe for a George Lucas franchise.

We can only hope that Villarroel will be receiving her Kylie Cosmetics PR package for an unboxing video ASAP!

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