Kim Kardashian to Release Another Collection With Her Makeup Artist

Kim Kardashian to Release Another Collection With Her Makeup Artist

Kim Kardashian is once again joining forces with longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic for another collaborative KKW Beauty collection.

Previously, the duo released their first collab in March 2018, but the collection sold out almost instantly. So for those of you who weren't quick enough to snag some goodies the first time around, here's your chance.

Yesterday, Dedivanovic took to his Instagram to share the exciting news about the new drop, appropriately dubbed "Artist & Muse."

"This collection means the world to me," Dedivanovic wrote, before praising Kardashian's industry-changing vision. "For the past 11+ years, Kim has not only been a muse to me, she's been a source of inspiration to an entire generation of beauty lovers around the world."

Dedivanovic then followed up the announcement with a more sentimental video post about the collection, reminiscing on the first day he met Kardashian on set and she asked to take photos of his process — something that "slowly [changed his] life."

"I'd wait 11 years until I asked her if I could bring several videographers and cameras to this set to capture my vision from different angles in the room," he wrote. "Her calmness you see here is a reflection of trust that can only be built over many years."

And while the exact product range has yet to be revealed, Dedivanovic did share that Artist & Muse will feature some of his favorite textures and shades which, judging from the video, is looking like a lot of muted bronzy tones.

That said, knowing these two, there's probably a trick or two up their sleeves — so I guess we'll have to just wait and see once the collection drops November 22 via

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