Get Your Summer Tan Ready to Kim Petras' 'Malibu'

Get Your Summer Tan Ready to Kim Petras' 'Malibu'

by Taylor Champlin

Kim Petras just released her new single, "Malibu," today alongside a brightly colored visual. Petras describes the track as "a return to color, the feeling of being in love and the escapism pop that I love the most."

She continues: "After Clarity, I had cried all my tears and moved on... I just want "Malibu" to be a fizzy, refreshing drink that comes to you during this quarantine and makes you forget all your anxieties." Well, "Malibu," with its bouncy hooks about new romance and Petras' powerhouse vocals, certainly fills our cups and drops our (convertible) tops.

In fact, the sun-kissed bop sounds like an early song of the summer contender, the way Katy Perry's "California Gurls" was 10 years ago.

Photography: Joey James