Kim Kardashian's Ass is Helping Kids Pass the SAT

Kim Kardashian's Ass is Helping Kids Pass the SAT

by Gabby Bess
Mother Teresa, who? Kim Kardashian just can't stop #blessing the world. When our winter cover star isn't visiting Thai orphanages, she's hard at work fixing America's educational system. We've seen Kim Kardashian's ass take many forms thanks to the good folks on the Internet, but this educational variation on our "Break the Internet" cover image trumps them all.

An SAT prep company, Catalyst Prep is using Jean-Paul Goude's depiction of Kim Kardashian's derriere to supplement their math materials -- in other words, boring math questions have finally been given a "celebrity booty" twist. If the SAT's were solely based on inane, pop-culture knowledge then we'd all ace them, but at least Kim can help make geometry a bit more fun and relevant. "As patriotic, pop-culturally-minded Americans, we couldn't help but see Kim Kardashian's recent photos as an opportunity to teach SAT math," true patriots Catalyst Prep told US Weekly. 

Personally, we'd love to see a whole line of celebrity SAT math prep cards and we humbly recommend Diplo's dick next.