Tell me something, who are Kim Kardashian's business consultants? Is it simply Kris, simultaneously listening and organizing Kendall's next commercial? Or perhaps Scott Disick, who clearly just wants to see the world burn? Merely because, unless this latest situation was purposefully provocative, it was very clearly a publicity disaster waiting to happen.

Yesterday Kim Kardashian revealed her latest Kimoji drop, with the front-runner of the new collection depicting Kim as the Virgin Mary – also available for purchase in tangible candle form. It didn't take long for Twitter to cry "blasphemy etc!" and call Kim out for disrespecting Christian worship, particularly re: the whole prayer candle scenario. To be fair, Kardashian-worship appears to be very much a thing, so the product definitely seems to be ~a move~ on Kim's part.

Then came the hashtag, #christiansboycottkim, as if they were her target demographic anyway.

"I'm Catholic we use candles with images of saints, the Virgin Mary etc. For prayer for healing and other reasons. #disapointed #disrepectful," one Twitter user wrote.

It's a collective consensus to fire Scott, Kim.

[h/t Teen Vogue]
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