Kim Kardashian Sparks Memes After Princess Diana Necklace Sale

Kim Kardashian Sparks Memes After Princess Diana Necklace Sale

Kim Kardashian has reportedly purchased memes.

Earlier this week, the reality TV superstar emerged victorious in a fierce bidding war for the Attalah Cross, paying a reported $197,453 for the amethyst and diamond necklace that was once worn by Princess Diana in 1987. However, the eye-popping sum combined with Kim's apparent obsession with items of cultural significance has created the perfect storm for a new viral trend about what "Kim Kardashian has reportedly purchased."

While the premise behind the joke is pretty obvious, Twitter users have been getting creative with their memes, including people from the UK, who've been coming up with other important objects from British pop culture, such as Andrew Lincoln's beloved Love Actually fleece jacket to a spinning bow tie donned by a character from the long-running BBC soap opera, EastEnders.

However, it's not just the English, as the innate nature of meme culture means the trend has also found an international audience, who've continued to make posts about Kim buying everything from historical objects like "the gun that shot Abraham Lincoln" to infamous memes à la "The Dress" to coveted movie props like a "a lost family piece of jewellery [sic]" that just so happens to be the ring from Lord of the Rings.

That said, some of the best ones have been using headline-making items involving fellow celebrities, such as Lana Del Rey's controversial mesh mask, Charli XCX's iconic signed douche and the donut that was famously licked by Ariana Grande.

So while Kim has yet to comment on any of the memes, we've decided to share a few of our favorite ones in the meantime. Check them out for yourself below.

Photo via Getty / Stefanie Keenan