Kim Kardashian Granted Restraining Order From Another Stalker

Kim Kardashian Granted Restraining Order From Another Stalker

A little over a month after she was granted a restraining order against a man who claimed he was able to telepathically communicate with her, Kim Kardashian has been granted another restraining for a man that has been sending creepy packages and referring to her as his "wife."

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Kardashian has been granted a temporary restraining order against Jomonie Victor Zigler. He's sent her multiple packages that included things such as a diamond ring and keys to a hotel room, posted sexually explicit messages about her on social media and even attempted to visit her Calabasas home before being restrained by security. Per the filings, Kardashian claims that Zigler's advances have caused her intense emotional distress, noting that he has a criminal history that includes firearms charges and threats as cause for added concern.

“I never provided him with my address and never asked him to send me these packages,” Kardashian writes in the court brief. “I am concerned about the extent of his delusion belief we are in or will be in an intimate relationship, particularly because it appears he has spent significant funds purchasing items to send to me.”

It's far from the first time Kardashian has had to deal with crazed stalkers either. Last month, a judge granted Kardashian a five year order of protection against Andre Persaud who showed up to her Los Angeles home on at least three separate occasions in August 2022. Persaud had claimed on social media that he was able to communicate telepathically with Kardashian and had even traveled to New York while she was on a business trip and attempted to gain entry to her hotel room. Kardashian had grown increasingly concerned that Persaud's visits could escalate into a violent altercation after he indicated to her guards that he had a gun.

Zigler isn't the first stalker to send Kardashian a diamond ring either. In 2021, Nicolas Costanza was arrested on felony stalking charges and was issued a similar five-year restraining order for allegedly harassing and threatening Kardashian's family. Among the many attempts he made in trying to contact the socialite, Costanza notably sent a package containing a diamond engagement ring and a pack of Plan B that was intercepted by the reality star's security team.

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