Kim Kardashian Brings Back the Exposed G-String

Kim Kardashian Brings Back the Exposed G-String

2018 is the year of upcycling old, tacky trends and making them covetable symbols of wealth, status and insider knowledge. Fanny packs, tube socks, tie dye, tiny sunglasses and extreme monochrome dressing have all made the list, and now Kim Kardashian wants to add one more: the exposed thong.

You may remember it from Manny's scandalous makeover on Degrassi, or as the inevitable result of trying to wear low rider jeans with no VPL, or Xtina'sDirrty era staple — no matter the context, the early aughts g-string is a classic that can never be forgotten. Especially not now, when KKW is flaunting them:

The latter picture is notable because in it, Kim wears a 21-year-old Tom Ford-era Gucci thong from the Italian brand's spring 1997 show. Thongs from that season can still be found on eBay, though they retail about $1,000. A grand to wear a used thong? Anything for fashion (or the 'gram, let's be honest).

Photo via Instagram