Kim Kardashian Is 'Not Ready' to Date After Pete Davidson Split

Kim Kardashian Is 'Not Ready' to Date After Pete Davidson Split

Kim Kardashian is over dating, at least for the time being.

As you've probably heard, the Skims mogul has been single since early August, when insiders revealed that she'd broke up with Pete Davidson after nine months of dating. Given the high-profile nature of her celebrity though, news of their split immediately prompted tons of fan speculation concerning who Kardashian would date next. But while she's kept her cards close to her chest since calling it quits with the comedian, the star is now opening up about the type of person she could see herself being with, and it just so happens the answer is "absolutely no one."

During her Monday appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, the mother of four revealed that she was taking a break from dating, before responding to Kelly Ripa's advice about "staying off dating apps" by saying that "wasn't even an option." But despite Kardashian's polite resistance to her line of questioning, it was obvious the talk show wasn't about to let go of the conversation, seeing as how she went on to talk about how Kardashian's future partner would need to be "a titan of industry."

"That's what you need. That is what you are, and that is what you need. It's a very small field but he's out there, sitting here, watching this," as Ripa said.

However, The Kardashians star wholeheartedly disagreed, referencing her recent conversation with James Corden on the Late Late Show, during which she expressed a desire to date someone who isn't in the spotlight, whether that be a "scientist, neuroscientist, biochemist, doctor [or] attorney."

"So maybe a bunch of attorneys or scientists would reach out. But I'm just not ready," Kardashian reiterated to Ripa, before telling co-host Ryan Seacrest that even if she actually did go on a date, it would have to be super "casual," "very chill" and "nowhere out in public."

"I'm not looking for anything," she continued. "I think I really just need to be by myself and focus and finish school. And spend time with my kids."

After all, Kardashian's love life has continued to be the source of plenty of drama courtesy of her former husband of seven years, Kanye West, who's spent the better part of the past two years antagonizing the reality TV fixture over everything from her parenting skills to her relationship with Davidson.

You can watch Kardashian talk about embracing the single life below.

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